Mattawan Rocket Club

Education • Sport • Competition

Join Mattawan High School classmates in learning about the design, analysis, and performance of air and space vehicles and a broad spectrum of related engineering science, such as aerodynamics, structural mechanics, automatic controls, flight mechanics, space dynamics, propulsion, and related topics.

We’ll build and launch model rockets together and learn from experienced mentors and companies in the aerospace and astronautical industries.

No experience required, just a curiosity and desire to learn about physics, chemistry and engineering in a really cool way.

A special shoutout to Chemistry/Biology teacher Ms. Moss for sponsoring this club and our NAR Mentors for guiding us along the way.

Interested in Helping Out?

We love to learn from others with experience in model rocketry and the aerospace fields.  Contact us.

What About Middle Schoolers?

Hang in there, we’re a new club and our hope is to expand our club to include middle schoolers next year.

Mattawan Rocket Club