You’re an important part of our community.

You no doubt understand the pressing need for innovative growth in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education opportunities for local students.


Our rocket team will not get off the ground unless you help – we are fundraising for tools, technology, travel and materials so we can shoot for the moon… or more specifically 850 feet. You see, the Mattawan High School Rocket Team is competing in The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) – the world’s largest student rocket contest. We are Michigan’s newest TARC team. Our team must design, build, and launch rockets carrying one raw egg 850 feet into the air, and return to earth with the egg un-cracked, all within 42 to 45 seconds to qualify for the National competition and with success, onto the International competition in Paris.

We’d love to invite you to team up to help us compete in this learning challenge of physics, chemistry and engineering. By sponsoring you will grow local innovation and problem-solving skills in local students. With enough funding we plan to bring rocket projects to classrooms and create a middle school level rocket team.

All contributions are tax-deductible and we’ll send you back a receipt from our 501(c)(3).

We are grateful for any help you can offer us to meet this challenge.

How can you help?

To Donate by Check:

Address checks to Mattawan Schools with Memo: Mattawan Rocket Club

Mail to:
Mattawan Rocket Club
C/O Mattawan High School
56720 Murray St
Mattawan, MI 49071

To Donate Online:

Donations can be made online via the Mattawan High School Rev Track program by clicking here.

Other Ways to Donate

Our team could use help with tools, technology and materials to build our rockets. Let’s talk about how you may be able to help out.

*This form can also be used if you’d prefer to mail a check for sponsorships. Please write checks out to Mattawan Schools (Memo: Rocket Club) and mailing your check to: Mattawan Rocket Club, C/O Mattawan Schools, 56720 Murray St, Mattawan, MI 49071.[/vc_wp_text]

Send a Message Via Email:

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