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Mattawan Rocket Club

Education • Sport • Competition

We are Mattawan High Schoolers with a passion to learn about the design, analysis, and performance of air and space vehicles and a broad spectrum of related engineering science, such as aerodynamics, structural mechanics, automatic controls, flight mechanics, space dynamics, propulsion, and related topics.

We build and launch model rockets together and learn from experienced mentors and companies in the aerospace and astronautical industries.

All Mattawan High Schoolers are welcome to attend. No experience required, just a curiosity and desire to learn about physics, chemistry and engineering in a really cool way.

Meetings are held on Mondays after school in Ms. Moss’s Room. 


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*We hope to expand our team to include Mattawan Middle Schoolers 2023-2024.

Mattawan Rocket Club

Recent Launches

Mattawan Rocket Club Last Launch of the Season

The Mattawan Rocket Club's last rocket launch of the season had many successes and failures ...

Our rocket

Mattawan High School Rocket Team Second Launch

After our first launch, we decided to launch the team rocket together in Mattawan ...

Preparing for launch

High School Rocket Team First Rocket Launch

 02/11/2023 - Three Oaks, Michigan The Mattawan Rocket Club is a high school rocket club at Mattawan High School ...

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